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  • Why am I not seeing any expression, when I clicked View Expression
    I have selected an entity, in this case a ground beam. I can view the ground beam in the model, but when I right click and choose view expression, I do not see any result. What is the mistake I made, or is it because TAS is not identifying the entity?
    bushral Malaysia TAS | Modeling 3 View 0 Answer
  • How to generate Slope Development Excavation
    Hi, I have a slope developement project with few ground level for beam and slabs excavation.For Example - LG2 - FFL 59.4 (Mostly touch ground)LG1 - FFL 63.70 (Partially touch ground)GF - FFL 68.00 (Partially touch ground)if put Ground Elevation to 59.4, then my excavation depth for LG1 and GF slabs might be very deep and result is not correct. Kindly advise the method or procedure to allow me get the more accurate excavation quantity.
    claireechong Malaysia TAS | Modeling 19 View 0 Answer
  • TBQ Description Column Width
    The description column during the BQ preparation is too large and I am unable to view the rate and amount column. As my computer screen is small, I would like to reduce the width, but I cannot view the column adjustment cursor. How to adjust the column width?
    bushral Malaysia TBQ | BQ 4 View 0 Answer
  • Steel Structure
    How many options that we have to draw the steel structure (roof trusses)?
    Jayden Goh Malaysia TAS | Modeling 2 View 0 Answer
  • How to remove rebar at raft foundation thickening area and lock the quantities?
    This is a raft foundation that has a beam style rebars at thicknening area. When I'm measuring slab rebars, TRB will automatically include the thickening area as shown below.I can easily identify and remove these rebars quantity from "edit rebar" function, but it won't be removed in 3D view. Another issue is that the when I recalculate the project, quantities will refresh to re-include the rebars at thickening area.Is there an easier way to automatically set the measurement rules to only measure across the thickening area at raft foundation and/or lock the quantities so that it won't be affected by recalculation?
    Jamie Malaysia TRB | Qty & Calculation 11 View 0 Answer
  • How to trim or join irregular beam with different elevation
    Manage to trim one side of the beam & the other side cannot extend or fill the gap. will shop both beam cannot overlap prompt.
    ty Malaysia TAS | Modeling 14 View 0 Answer
  • How to draw trapezium beam
    bottom elevation: 89.50top elevation: 90.85beam size 650~2000
    ty Malaysia TAS | Modeling 16 View 0 Answer
  • Distribution Bar for Slab Support Bar
    how to draw the distribution for this "slab support bar"?
    Goh Chaai Yeng Malaysia TRB | Modeling 15 View 0 Answer
  • Why is my Attached Element Type Tab for room locked to the one selected at Element List Tab
    Hi. Why are my Attached Element Type Tab locked to the room selected on eelement list instead of the rooms selected on my 3D model.As seen above, the Attached Element Type Tab are in order. When different room are selected on Element List Tab, the Attached Element Type Tab will change to the attached element of specific room accordingly. However, when different room are selected on 3D model, the Attached Element Type Tab will not change to te attached element type of selected room instead will remain unchanged as highlighted room on Element List. Please Refer to below pictures:
    Khairul Malaysia TAS | Identify 19 View 0 Answer
  • External/Internal Doors & Windows
    Hi, I do measurements for doors and windows without separating between internal and external (I use auto-identify). Is there any way I can get the quantity for external/internal without redoing my measurement?I'm completely aware that my doors and windows settled on internal/external walls, so is there any way I can draw out the quantity for external/internal doors from it?
    TAS1 Malaysia TAS | Qty & Calculation 17 View 0 Answer
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