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  • How to calculate slab rebar if have different type of bar in between?
    How to calculate the slab main bar if in between of the bar has additional anti crack bar like i circle in blue colour?
    Aina Malaysia TRB | Modeling 1 View 0 Answer
  • Ground Beam Formwork to sides in stages
    if my ground beam is 600mm depth, how to make the formwork to sides quantity all fall under the category of 500-1000mm?
    Goh Chaai Yeng Malaysia TAS | Modeling 24 View 0 Answer
  • Create a summary page
    Hi there, how can I create a summary page for the bill that only consists of 1 element?
    Khim Malaysia TBQ | BQ 3 View 0 Answer
  • Rebar quantity differs between "view quantity by category" & "edit rebar".
    There is only 1 No. T12 shape "298" in raft slab.
    Tigerwoods Malaysia TRB | Qty & Calculation 17 View 0 Answer
  • link at lapping
    How to not include link at lapping as if calculated manually the no of link should be only 22, but according trb the number of link is 26 as it include link at lapping
    syaa Malaysia TRB | Identify 3 View 0 Answer
  • Can I use line to draw the bar one by one? Since they are connected to each other.
    Clarence Malaysia TRB | BIM Model 4 View 0 Answer
  • TAS - How to Do Omission and Additional with all the different between prevoius and current Qty shown?
    May I know which functions I can use to do omission and Addition for Previous and Final Remeasurement drawings with the previous omission and current addition shown in the export excel work sheet?
    Adam Chong Malaysia TAS | Qty & Calculation 12 View 1 Answer
  • link in beam
    When i do the link for column, the link is also included in the beam. How to not include the link in beam that intersect with column?
    syaa Malaysia TRB | Modeling 21 View 1 Answer
  • How to Calculate Link with Different Spacing?
    Can TRB calculate the link for S1, S2 and S3 separetely? Because the spacing for each is different. And if yes, how to calculate it in TRB?
    Aina Malaysia TRB | Qty & Calculation 16 View 1 Answer
  • TBQ - Title alignment
    How can I split the Bill No. 5 title into 2 rows?
    Khim Malaysia TBQ | BQ 10 View 1 Answer
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