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  • Why it is not shown in the modelling after setting slope edge for the raft foundation is suceeded
    bb Malaysia TAS | Modeling 8 View 1 Answer
  • How to measure this kind of raft foundation?
    bb Malaysia TAS | Modeling 12 View 1 Answer
  • How to use Auto Identify or Click Identify?
    Hi, your basic training pilecap example is only named as eg. P2, P3... where i can easily do auto identify, however, what if our label is like the above, together with column label? What is the fastest way to do the pilecap identification instead of manually key in P1 sizes, and find one by one.... what if i have 200 nos, scattered around... do i just have to click one by one? thats tedious. Any easier way?Tq
    Jc Malaysia TAS | Identify 13 View 1 Answer
  • Beam Side Label
    Hi,May I know how to insert beam side label info as per the drawing below? Thank you in advance.
    Joey Malaysia TRB | Qty & Calculation 17 View 0 Answer
  • Staircase - How to draw the staircase in the photo attached? Can you record the video to draw the staircase? Because I already try to custom but still cannot. Thank you.
    qj Malaysia TAS | Modeling 15 View 1 Answer
  • TBQ - Quantity details function
    Is it allow ro insert/delete row under this function?
    rosa Malaysia TBQ | Qty & Calculation 9 View 1 Answer
  • Long description for Item in BQ
    Good day,I would like to have a long description for certain item in my BQ, but it cannot appear correctly here in the TBQ. What should I do? Thanks
    Zarifah Malaysia TBQ | BQ 12 View 1 Answer
  • Internal Wall Plastering Area
    Dear Sir, why my internal plastering area did not calculated as per the measurement settings in wall finish: 3.00m high ceiling + 0.15m (set value above suspended ceiling)?Thank you.
    TzeHui Malaysia TAS | Qty & Calculation 13 View 1 Answer
  • How to Export TRB Model to use in TAS?
    I want to export partially completed TRB Models to TAS so that dimensions for beams and columns can be used in TAS.I received this message after I tried importing in TAS
    bushral Malaysia TRB | Modeling 9 View 1 Answer
  • Measurement Rules
    Is there any faster way to make all the elements for measurement rules into no effect? or maybe i could just import your template if you guys have one.
    Ereh Malaysia TAS | Qty & Calculation 9 View 1 Answer
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